College Advising

college-advisingAmerican College Preparatory Program (ACPP)

As an academically rigorous, college-preparatory institution, Meridian School produces graduates who are well qualified for admission to the finest, most reputable universities in the world.

The Meridian ACPP offers incomparable advantages for helping students prepare college applications which greatly facilitate admission to top colleges.  The ACPP provides more than exam preparation and application assistance, but also the rich educational resources of Meridian School and its partners, including local universities in the state of Utah, individually-tailored study and application plans, research projects, and training in creativity and innovation.  The program is designed not only to help students get into their college of choice, but also to help them be more successful in their studies.  Students will also have the opportunity to earn college credit through AP courses.  Students will also gain experience and understanding of global cultures and learning methods as they attend school with students from around the world also participating in the ACPP.

The ACPP offers several distinguishing features. First, an individually tailored program designed specifically with the student’s college goals in mind, a strong academic curriculum which includes a large research project designed specifically for top-tiered college entrance, cultural exchange opportunties, and strong guidance during the application and interview process from counselors with credentials unmatched in their field.

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